Introducing the

StarWalker System

The StarWalker System is a state-of-the-art Bottled Water Production & Recycling Center that harnesses the power to streamline bottled water production and distribution of a traditional manufacturing plant at a fraction of the size and environmental impact. 

  • A small real estate footprint

  • Introduction of local jobs & local marketing initiatives

  • Lowering consumer pricing by 25%

  • Recapture and recycling program

  • Reducing carbon footprint


Small Real Estate Footprint

Current Water Bottling Plants cover an immense amount of space, averaging around 500,000 sq. ft. That's 10 football fields! The StarWalker System offers a small real estate footprint, at 50,000 sq. ft, a mere fraction of our competitors. 

Traditional Plant




Introduction of Local Jobs 

The StarWalker System introduces vast career opportunities for the local community, offering positions for in the Production and Executive Management Team. 



The Possibilities are Endless! #ATLProud

Introduction of Local Marketing Initiatives   

We take great pride in our city of Atlanta, we think our bottles should reflect that too! With custom labeling, we can do just that and represent our city proudly.

  • Custom Labeling

  • Local Brand Awareness

  • Regional Pride 

  • Ownership

  • Motivation 


Lowering Consumer Pricing by 25%

Because the StarWalker System streamlines production of bottled water, local distribution eliminates the need for costly logistics, getting our premium product to local hotels, businesses, residential homes and retail stores, with reduced cost and decreased emissions. 


Recapture & Recycling Program

Many bottled water plants manufacture bottles made of mostly raw materials, and use less than 25% of recycled plastics. With 1.4 trillion cans and bottles thrown into the trash annually, the StarWalker Systems Recapture & Recycling Program aims to transform those numbers drastically. 

By promoting and using a "Closed Loop Process," we can reclaim and recycle the very bottles we produce, grinding the bottles into polyethylene terephthalate (PET) flakes, and producing high quality preforms that are transformed back into bottles.












The recapture program allows the StarWalker System to produce bottles with fewer raw materials, all while utilizing energy efficient methods. With our Return and Earn system, the customer will earn $0.05 for each bottle return. 

 Watch this short video on how reverse vending works!


Disaster Relief & Water System Repairs

The StarWalker System creates capacity to supply bottled water to the community for:

  • Natural Disasters

  • Boiled Water Alerts

  • Broken Water Mains

  • Municipal Staff including First Responders 

Because we are based locally, we can be there for

our community in the times where it matters the most. 




120 Interstate North Parkway

Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30339